About Us

On Saturday, July 21, 2018, we will host our second annual “ALL IN” Lacrosse clinic for charity in Hingham, MA. All proceeds will go to the “All In All the Time” foundation which provides financial relief to fallen Navy SEAL families. We will have a number of former college players and coaches teaching throughout the event. We are also pleased to include a number of current and former Navy SEALs who will interact with players throughout.

Our goal is to offer a high level of lacrosse knowledge while focusing on values which each of us find important. These characteristics include humility, integrity, accountability, and resilience. We will present two awards at the conclusion of the event, Honor Man & Fire In The Gut, to individuals who exhibit these attributes at the highest level.

We dedicate these awards in honor of Brendan Looney and Jimmy Regan who were killed in action.  Jimmy played for Duke and went on to serve as an Army Ranger. Brendan was a former lacrosse player at the Naval Academy and Navy SEAL.

Jimmy Regan “Fire In The Gut” Award - The "Fire in the Gut" Award has significant meaning to all SEALs — it is also presented at graduation to the candidate in each SEAL class who demonstrates superior motivation through the arduous training course. The award reads "It is often the quiet and unassuming person who rises to the occasion when adversity calls. The fortitude and determination they display in the face of great physical challenge is an inspiration to their teammates and brings a sense of dread to their enemies. It is said that a 'Fire in the Gut' stokes their courage and tenacity. The selection for this award reflects great credit upon your character in one of the most rigorous training programs in the world.

Brendan Looney “Honor Man” Award - BUD/s instructor appointed award at the conclusion of six month training course. The most outstanding among them — that man whose sheer force of example inspires his classmates to keep going when they’re ready to quit – is the “Honor Man” of the Class.